Unlock Your WordPress Block Development Potential with Live Editor Updates

Does your typical workflow, when developing blocks, involve making a few edits, refreshing the page, making some more edits, refreshing again, and so on? I’m sure you’ll agree, it can get quite tedious doing this constantly in a coding session but it’s what a lot (most?) of us do when editing and previewing block changes. … Read more

How to Use a Popover Component

There are many components to choose from when building blocks, and we’ll be covering all of them sooner or later (pinky swear), but today we’ll be exploring how to use the Popover component in your own projects. This is such an easy-to-use component for whenever you need to display content in a temporary floating ‘popup’ … Read more

Creating a New Block for the Gutenberg Editor

Hello, and welcome to the site! In this first post, we’ll be exploring how to use the @wordpress/create-block package to create a plugin containing a single block for the Gutenberg editor. As you’ll see it’s an extremely useful tool for quickly scaffolding out new blocks, and includes some really cool features out-of-the-box such as automatic … Read more